Sanitizer With Methyl Alcohal Harmful For Health H

Sanitizer With Methyl Alcohal Harmful For Health H

The corona epidemic, which is spreading rapidly in the country, is causing tremors in the backs of the people.Only by wearing a mask, keeping physical distance, and washing your hands frequently with the help of soap or sanitizer can you protect yourself from getting infected with the virus.

 Sanitizer With Methyl Alcohal Harmful For Health

The spread of the virus has led to a huge increase in the use of sanitizers among the public.

However, a recent study has found that adulterated sanitizers are the most widely used sanitizers in the country.Consumer Guidance Society of India (c.G.

The.I) Recently studied about sanitizers and revealed interesting things.

A total of 122 samples were tested in this study.

Five of these samples were found to contain harmful methanol.

More than 40 samples were found to be incompatible with the labels.C.

G.The.Eye methanol-containing sanitizers should not be used under any circumstances.

Warns of the risk of blindness if methanol-containing sanitizers are used.

Use of sanitizers containing such harmful chemicals can cause serious health problems such as irreversible optical nerve damage.On the 31st of last month c.

G.The.I revealed the results of the study.

Collected samples of sanitizers sold in Mumbai and surrounding areas of Mumbai and revealed the results.

Examination of the alcohol content of sanitizers revealed that methanol was used in some sanitizers to match the chemicals used in the labels.It is noteworthy that manufacturers use methanol or methyl alcohol, which is labeled ethyl alcohol on the labels.– Sanitizer With Methyl Alcohal Harmful For Health telugu-title:ఆ శానిటైజర్లు వాడితే అంధత్వం వచ్చే ప్రమాదం? Read More 👉👉https:/ – Telugu Health Tips | #TeluguTips #TeluguHealthTips #TeluguBeautyTips #Telugu #TeluguStop | Health #Mumbai #Corona #HandSanitizer #MethylAlcohol #Sanitizer #Health #TeluguNewsVideos Channel:Telugu Tips


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