‘Pavithra’ Is Not ‘Boothu’

There is a thin line of demarcation between ‘Boothu’ and ‘Srungaram.’ It is hard to fix this thickness of thin line because it magnifies depending upon the creative vision of director and the subjective perception of viewer.

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In this point of view, director Janardhana Mahrshi has done a professional work in ‘pavithra.’ When dealing with the subject of a sex worker whose bed experiences with different kinds of clients are to be discussed as a part of story, viewers might easily call it as Filthy and Vulgar.

Being a writer, Maharshi knows his own limitations and was able to roll out a clean product ‘Pavithra’ with no ‘Boothu.’ There are few scenes (Sai Kumar sketches a map to kill his rival on the open curvy back of Shriya….

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the first experience of Kaushik Babu with Shriya etc) which are surely to be applauded.However, there are drawbacks in script and treatment which made ‘pavithra’ to end up with weak reviews.