Piyush Mishra Talks About His Acting Philosophy

Piyush Mishra Talks About His Acting Philosophy

Piyush Mishra is a renowned Indian actor who is looking for good roles regardless of the project’s length or budget.He is not only a brilliant actor but also a singer, lyricist, composer and screenwriter.

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Piyush recently worked on the film Kanjoos Makhichoos and accepted the role because he liked it.

In the movie, Piyush plays the father of Kunal Kemmu’s character, Jamuna Prasad Pandey.The film revolves around Jamuna Prasad’s struggle to take on the system after he becomes eligible for compensation for his missing parents but doesn’t receive the full amount due to corruption.

Piyush praised the director, Vipul Mehta, who comes from a theatre background.

He enjoyed working with him because of his connection to theatre and the interesting nuances in the script.Piyush only accepts roles that are different from each other and he rejects many scripts that don’t have much substance.

Piyush agrees with the film’s subject, which highlights the difficulties in getting compensation.He thinks that the process is so complicated that people often give up, and he understands the situation is bad.Despite working on a tight schedule and shooting outdoors in Haridwar, Piyush enjoyed working on the film.

Regarding his previous film, Shamshera, Piyush doesn’t understand why it didn’t impress critics or audiences.He thinks that there have been many fantastic stunts in films, and to compete with them, the film needs an equally brilliant script.Piyush makes it clear that dialogues depend on the screenplay and that he draws inspiration only from the screenplay.

Piyush is not in a hurry to bag more and bigger roles.He is happy doing good roles that he likes and doesn’t think about awards.He rejects many scripts and only accepts those with substance.Piyush’s Kanjoos Makhichoos role had substance, which is why he accepted it.

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