7 Boring Things Men Do In $ex

7 Boring Things Men Do In $ex -

* No teasing :

How excited you would be to watch a movie after watching a tempting teaser? Don’t your expectations grow up? Don’t you feel the eagerness to watch the movie? A good teaser will draw your mood into it.It’s the same in $ex.Jumping directly into the act without a tease is boring

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* Ignoring kisses :

Who said kisses wouldn’t turn on female? They do.In fact, most women enjoy the foreplay phase more than the final act.Ignoring kisses, especially neck kisses is boring

* Not talking dirty to her :

Words can inspire, words can depress and what words cannot do? Words can even make the other person horny.Yes, talking dirty to her will increase her mood.Come on, don’t try to be too diplomatic even in $ex.It’s that time to talk dirty and do dirty with her

* Not praising her body :

Which woman doesn’t love to listen to some praise? Women crave for such sentences coming from the man she is with.Praise her body.It will only erose her.Tell her which part you lust the most.Those sentences give her instant turn on

* Not going down to her :

You know, more than vaginal penetration, it’s the clitoral stimulation which evokes the horny side of her.It gives her immense pleasure which is heavenly in true form.Not going down to her is a terrible mistake.

Men, especially Indian commit this boring stuff as they are feel shy to give her oral

* $ex in repeatative or one position :

Do you wear the dress of the same floor everyday? Do you watch movies of same genre everyday? Then why you want to do the same missionary position every time? Won’t she get bored with this? Let her try different things.Let her ride you.Think different

* Leaving after ejaculation :

This is where women world gets disappointed the most.$ex is an act which is designed to give pleasure for both men and women.

How boring it looks if men leave her selfishly once they ejaculate?

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