Regular Intake Of Wine Increases $exual Desire In Women Inb

Regular intake of wine increases $exual desire in women Inb

We have read it numerous times, wine if taken regularly is highly beneficial to health.Although we should not ignore the cons side of alcohol, there is nothing bad if you know where the line has to be drawn.

 Regular Intake Of Wine Increases $exual Desire In Women

Moderate intake of wine improves cardiovascular health, a known fact.Not just men, women also receive the same benefit.But not just that, regular intake of wine also improves libido in women, says a study conducted in Italy.

798 women divided into 3 groups have participated in the study.They aged between 18-50 years.One of the three has a habit of taking wine regularly in the measurement of one or two glasses per day.The second group have been over the board taking more than 2-3 glasses of wine and other alcoholic beverages.The third group neither had moderate intake nor any minimal intake.They were literally off alcohol.

The women were asked to fill female $exual function index (FSFI).As you are expecting, women who had moderate wine intake scored high scores in the test.Right from lubrication to orgasm, every process involved in the act was thoroughly enjoyed by this group of women.

They are $exually hyper active in true sense.

You may wonder how that happens.It’s simple.As wine improves blood circulation to heart and cardiovascular health, the blood flow gets free flow to all parts of the body including genitals.

When you have good blood circulation at genitals, you feel $exually aroused quite easily.

Having said that, wine still carries specific disadvantages.It’s not universally prescribed.So, before you start taking wine, better consult a doctor.