Franchise-based Supercross League Launched, Inaugural Season To Begin In October

Franchise-based supercross league launched, inaugural season to begin in October

New Delhi, June 1 : A franchise-based Indian Supercross Racing League (ISRL) was launched in collaboration with the Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India (FMSCI) here on Thursday.

 Franchise-based Supercross League Launched, Inaugural Season To Begin In

The league was launched in the presence of Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor, CS Santosh (supercross champion), Eeshan Lokhande, Co-founder and Director of Supercross India Pvt Ltd, Akbar Ibrahim, President, FMSCI and others.

The inaugural season of ISRL will commence at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium here in October 2023, followed by events in Mumbai, Pune, and Ahmedabad.

“India has tremendous potential and talent in this arena and I’m confident that the league has the tenacity to present a platform for all budding racers, who will showcase the world their talent, skills and endurance.The Indian Supercross Racing League will be the IPL for motocross and I can’t wait to see the first season get underway in October this year,” said CS Santosh, one of India’s most accomplished supercross champions.

“The CEAT Indian Supercross Racing League aims to capture the hearts of motorsports enthusiasts, showcasing the spirit of adventure and pushing boundaries,” Eeshan Lokhande, Co-founder and Director of Supercross India Pvt Ltd, was quoted as saying in a media release.

Speaking at the launch event, Akbar Ibrahim, President, FMSCI, said, “The federation is overwhelmed with the thought process and the initiative undertaken by the SXI team, in elevating the motorsport culture in the country.This initiative will not only bring global talent to the country but also provide a platform to nurture young talent and position India on the global map of the sport.”

Team SXI, the parent company of Indian Supercross Racing League, is at the helm of a groundbreaking initiative led by former international racers, Eeshan Lokhande, Veer Patel, and Aashwin Lokhande.

“Drawing upon their extensive personal experience and unwavering passion for the sport, they have meticulously conceptualized, identified crucial gaps, and delivered a series that is set to redefine Supercross racing on a global scale.With their deep understanding of the sport and relentless pursuit of excellence, they are paving the way for a new era of Supercross that will captivate audiences worldwide,” the organisers said.


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