Dhruva To Turn Out A Loss Venture In Overseas ?

Dhruva to turn out a loss venture in Overseas ?

“Operation success, but patient is dead”.Is this what going to happen with Dhruva? It’s a great news to hear that Ram Charan has finally succeeded to make 1 million in USA.In a deep thought, this is a new beginning for the star as an actor and crowd puller.Morally, Ram Charan scored a blockbuster in USA but not mathematically.

 Dhruva To Turn Out A Loss Venture In Overseas ?-TeluguStop.com

Why you ask ?

Including additional expenses, Jolly Hits, the distribution company of Dhruva in overseas market has spent around $900K on the film.Though Dhruva has collected 1.03M as on Wednesday, it’s the gross not share.Dhruva has to make at least 1.5M – 1.6M gross for the break even point.In other words, Dhruva has to rake another $500K from here to recover the money invested.This looks far from here.

Although we shouldn’t speak harshly, Dhruva would end up as a loss venture in overseas market at this trend.

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