Calories You Loose In Different $exual Activities

Calories you loose in different $exual activities

Kissing :

 Calories You Loose In Different $exual

Kissing is termed as the purest form of showering love on someone.Kissing can be gentle, passionate or even vigorous.

As per a research, an hour of kissing would make you lose anywhere between 65-75 calories.If the kissing session goes extremely passionate, then you would lose 90-100 calories with ease.

Massaging :

Massaging is a modern trend in $ex life.Partners today are free enough to provide a sensual massage for thier partners.

People today even pay some plenty of bucks for massages.Giving a massage would decrease around 90 calories in an hour from your body.

Oral :

Although oral doesn’t look physically challenging, it can still make you loose 100 calories in an hour.Facial muscles are involved in oral and the efforts they put in is enough to burn a century.

Now you may wonder blowjob or cunnilingus, which oral act burns more calories.It really depends upon how intense the session goes but in general Cunnilingus, including fingering would be more stressful on your body.

Penetration :

We cannot calculate with accuracy because the physical efforts change with the position the partners are going with.If it’s missionary, men will lose more calories and if it’s cowgirl, women will burn more calories.

On an average, penetration will make the human body lose 150 calories in half an hour.

Making out on a whole :

Making out session, which includes undressing, foreplay and penetration, combinedly for a half and hour or 40 minutes will make your body burn anywhere between 240 calories to 260 calories.

Note : these numbers are reported on an average note.Numbers would vary from session to session and partners to partners.

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