Ashok Gajapathiraju Will Be Jailed Soon: MP Vijaysai Reddy

The Andhra Pradesh High court recently gave a sensational verdict dismissing the GO passed by the YCP govt appointing Sanchaita Gajapathiraju as Chairman of the MANSAS Trust in place of Ashok Gajapathiraju.Against these orders, Ashok Gajapathiraju was reappointed as Chairman of the MANSAS Trust.

 Ashok Gajapathiraju Will Be Jailed Soon: Mp Vijaysai

However, YCP MP Vijayasai Reddy responded to this and said that there was a forgery case against Ashok Gajapati Raju in the past.If that proves, Ashok Gajapati Raju will go to jail, he said.

MP Vijayasai Reddy alleged that Ashok Gajapatiraju had looted a few hundreds of acres of land.The MP said that the YCP govt is gathering some details regarding his corruption.

 Ashok Gajapathiraju Will Be Jailed Soon: MP Vijaysai Reddy-Latest News - Telugu-Telugu Tollywood Photo

Vijayasai Reddy expressed confidence that they will win in the division bench of the AP High court.Vijaysai Reddy predicted that Ashok Gajapathiraju would be removed from the chairman’s position soon.

MP Vijaysai Reddy alleged that there were 14 educational institutions in the MANSAS Trust which had not been audited for ten years.Vijayasai Reddy clarified that the CM will take action if there are any irregularities.

Vijayasai Reddy revealed that the government would take back the lands which were not in the declaration given by the kings of Bobbili and Vijayanagaram.

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