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It doesn’t mater what philosophers say, it doesn’t really matter if they term birthdays as overrated and unnecessary, we find many things special on birthdays.We love that attention and we love all the love around us.And what is more important and more special than our own birthday ? It’s our loved one’s birthday.If you are in love, this has to be the most special day in your life since your love has taken birth on this planet on that very day, years ago.So, what to do on your girlfriend’s birthday ? How to make her feel special ?

 7 Things To Do On Your Girlfriends Birthday-TeluguStop.com

* Don’t start sharply at 12AM .her phone will automatically become busy from that point of time.Start the day by 11 PM itself.Get into mood of the party and make her involve.Be the first one to wish her in advance and also sharply at 12 AM.

* Dress yourself the way she likes.She cares your appearance so much.For this one day, just go with her preference.

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* May be the best place to celebrate her birthday is the place where you met each other for the first time.It would really take her down the line of memories.

She will refresh the moments which brought both of you together.* Express your love again.

Yeah you already proposed and she has already fallen for you but there is no wrong in proposing her once again.It would be a great sight for her to see her man going down the keens in a proposal on her birthday.

* Plan gifts according to her preferences.What she likes the most and what she doesn’t, it is in your court.

* Take her to the places she is interested or desire to visit.Make her happy with surprises.

* Discuss your future.Explain her how your seeing the life with her.This is an important day to take future decisions.