15 Tips To Grow Beard Faster

Having a Beard is new cool these days.From film stars to cricketers, almost everyone has shifted from clean shave to big beards.

 15 Tips To Grow Beard Faster-TeluguStop.com

Talk about Aamir Khan, Virat Kohli, NTR or Ram Charan, everyone has a Beard now.Girls of this generation love to see guys in beards.They say, men with Beard look sexy.Now, what more encouragement men need to grow beards.Every man wants to follow the new trend but not everyone can grow big beards or a fast growing one.Big, small and shape depends upon genes.So, here we are providing you with 15 useful tips to grow Beard as fast as it can.

1) Have facial massages quite regularly.Massage improves the blood circulation in facial nerves.An improved blood circulation system will definitely help the Beard to grow Faster than usual.

There are many spas in metropolitan cities offering facial message.Find the economical spa and have a try.

2) This is a popular myth.As said it is myth, there is no truth in this.

Often we listen some elder people saying that you should shave regularly and thoroughly to make Beard grow faster.But it’s a myth and it’s a myth.Have a shave only when you want to.

3) Amla has such properties which promote hair growth.This is the reason why Amla oil is applied to hair.It carries the same benefits even for beard.Apply Amla oil at places where your Beard grows.Have a massage and let the Amla oil dry for 20 mins.Then clean your face.Do it on regular basis.

4) Exfoliating the skin regularly also helps in Beard growth.The process of exfoliating removes the dead cells on your skin and allows new cells to grow.This will automatically fasten the Beard growth.

5) As you have read in the previous point, dead skin cells slow down the hair growth.Only by repairing and removing dead cells, you can fasten your facial hair growth.So have a complete and peaceful sleep everyday.

The less you sleep, the more your skin will fall into the damage.Sleep for 7-8 hours everyday.

6) Stress management will influence hair growth for sure.This is inarguable.Haven’t you read about men turning bald because of stress ? Not just the hair on your head, even your facial hair face difficulties in stress.So, keep yourself cool and controlled.As long as you feel stressed, you never gonna have a healthy and fast growing beard.

7) The mother plant of medicines, Eucalyptus can’t help you in growing Beard ? How that could be possible! Use moisturiser with Eucalyptus regularly on your skin.In just few to several days, you will witness good results.Your Beard will grow at a jet speed.

8) Removing all the dirt and oil from your skin is very important, if you want to see your Beard growing faster.Better wash your face with warm water and a very mild cleanser everyday, twice a day.This will repair the skin cells and also remove all the excess oil and dirt from the tissues.

9) Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C and Vitamin E promote hair growth, as found by many researchers worldwide.Include the specific food items in your daily diet and reap the benefits.These minerals and vitamins will remove dead skin cells and improve the pace of Beard growth.

10) There is another popular rumour that beards grow Faster if you shave with blade and not with a trimmer.What kind of logic it has ? In which way a blade helps Beard grow more and Faster and in which way a trimmer stops it ? This is myth, a big and popular one.Don’t believe.

11) Quit smoking immediately if you are an addict.The dangerous nicotine in a cigarette will restrict the blood flow in your facial nerves.It inserts toxins and doesn’t allow your body to observe nutrients and vitamins in complete.This will affect your hair growth.This will slow down your Beard growth.

12) Skin where Beard grows should be moisturised and clean.It shouldn’t be dry and irritating.So, stop using your nails on itching sensation.Don’t make things even more worse.Apply coconut oil and good moisturisers.

13) As we have said earlier, a proper and sound blood circulation system helps Beard to grow much faster.So, how to improve your blood flow ? Massage is the only way ? Even proper and regular exercise will improve the blood circulation.There are many facial exercises suggested by experts.For example, laughing therapy.Keep, exercising and keep growing.

14) Check your testosterone hormone levels.It is that hormone which is responsible for Beard in men.So have an eye on the balance of testosterone levels.If there is an imbalance ask Doctor what to do ? Only a healthy balance in testosterone levels will improve Beard growth.

15) This is the most important point.Regular intake of biotin will help Beard grow thick and fast.

Biotin is present in egg yolks and nuts.There are many biotin supplements in the market.Eat what Doctor refers.Protein intake is also very important.Eat fish, eggs, chicken for necessary proteins.