Tollywood Star Heroes And Their Height

Tollywood star heroes and their height

Varun Tej : Probably the tallest of all in Tollywood.The Mega Prince’s height is 6ft 4″.Let that sink in.

 Tollywood Star Heroes And Their

Prabhas : The pan India star, the Baahubali is a Baahubali by height.It’s a huge 6ft 2″.

Rana Daggubati : The Bhallaladeva matches Baahubali even in this matter.The gigantic fellow is 6ft 2″.

Mahesh Babu : Mahesh Babu is a goal.How come a handsome can be 6ft 1″.Hasn’t God been unfair to all of us?

Venkatesh : Peddoddu is no lesser than Chinnodu.It’s a 6ft 1″ again.

Gopichand : This mass hero has a solid cutout and that heights 6ft 1″ too.

Nagarjuna : Like people say Aaradugula Andhagadu, oour Manmadhudu is exactly 6ft.

Raviteja : Doesn’t like a six feet guy because of lean personality but even the mass maharaj is 6ft accurately.

Vijay Devarakonda : The new age man crush of women world is built handsome hunk with 6ft height.

Pawan Kalyan : Oops, the aaradugula bullet isn’t a 6ft for real.Powerstar is 5ft 10″.

Nithin, Akhil and Sharwanad : All three are 5ft 10″.

Chiranjeevi : The mighty Megastar is around 5ft 9″.But he is the tallest when it comes to stardom and craze.Isn’t it?

Balakrishna : The contemporary of Megastar is right behind him with 5ft 8″.

NTR, Charan and Nagachaitanya : Both NTR and Ram Charan are 5ft 7″ if we are not wrong.

Ram Pothineni : Probably, the shortest with 5ft 6″.

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