Telugu Stuntman’s Power Move: Donates Entire Remuneration To Pawan Kalyan’s Party

Telugu Stuntman’s Power Move: Donates Entire Remuneration to Pawan Kalyan’s Party

Telugu actor and politician Pawan Kalyan is known for his fame and his generous actions.He’s the leader of the Jana Sena Party and has helped many people in need, gaining their support in return.

 Telugu Stuntman’s Power Move: Donates Entire Remuneration To Pawan Kalyan&

One such person is the renowned Telugu film stuntman, Badri.Badri is highly skilled in performing daring vehicle stunts.He recently donated his entire earnings from his latest film, “Bholaa Shankar,” to the JSP.

In a meeting with Pawan Kalyan in Hyderabad, Badri handed over a 50,000 rupee check, his remuneration from the film.Badri was responsible for the spectacular cab-flipping scenes in the movie.Pawan Kalyan praised his exceptional talent in vehicle stunts and mentioned their long-standing friendship.

Badri expressed his joy at contributing to the Jana Sena Party.He credited Pawan Kalyan for helping him establish his career in the film industry 28 years ago.Badri hopes to see Pawan Kalyan as Chief Minister, believing he’ll support people like him.

Pawan Kalyan is currently busy shooting for the upcoming film, “Ustaad Bhagat Singh.” The shooting includes an action scene featuring Pawan Kalyan and a junior villain, taking place on a specially built set in Chilukuru, near Hyderabad.

Pawan Kalyan had taken a break from films due to political developments in Andhra Pradesh, including Chandrababu Naidu’s arrest.

He has now returned to the film industry and is working tirelessly.

So to sum it up, Pawan Kalyan, the Telugu actor and Jana Sena Party leader, received a generous donation from stuntman Badri, who contributed his earnings from the film “Bholaa Shankar.” Their enduring friendship and Pawan Kalyan’s dedication to both politics and movies continue to make headlines.

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