Soundarya Sharma’s Post-bigg Boss 16 Journey And Her Views On Fellow Contestants

Soundarya Sharma’s Post-Bigg Boss 16 Journey and Her Views on Fellow Contestants

Soundarya Sharma made a lasting impression with her remarkable performance on the popular reality show, Bigg Boss 16.Her infectious smile and fearless personality captivated fans throughout her journey.She stood up for herself and her friends, while also engaging in rivalries within the house.Soundarya’s participation in the show has brought about significant changes in her life, and she is currently enjoying the success that followed.In a recent interaction with Siddharth Kanan, she was asked about her thoughts on whether her fellow contestants, such as Tejasswi Prakash or Shehnaaz Gill, have benefited from their participation in Bigg Boss 16.

 Soundarya Sharma’s Post-bigg Boss 16 Journey And Her Views On Fellow

During the conversation, Soundarya expressed her belief that everyone is doing well for themselves after the show.However, it was her statement about her former rival, Shalin Bhanot, that caught attention.Soundarya revealed that she had met Shalin at an award show, and he informed her about his involvement in another television show.

It appears that any animosity between Soundarya and Shalin has dissipated, suggesting a cordial relationship between the two.

For those unaware, Shalin and Soundarya frequently clashed in the Bigg Boss 16 house, particularly due to their differing opinions on their rumored love interests within the show.Soundarya was linked with Gautam Vig, while Shalin was rumored to have feelings for Tina Datta.

In addition to Shalin, Soundarya was also asked about Archana Gautam’s claim of being the busiest person post-BB16 and having the most work.In response, the stunning actress chuckled and said, “Really? (laughs) God Bless her then.It’s good, it should happen.I can’t boast much.I think it’s like one in a hundred goldsmiths compared to a blacksmith.So, wait for it.But it’s good to see her doing well, and I wish her continued success.”

Soundarya’s words suggest that she is content with the progress her co-contestants have made since Bigg Boss 16, including both Shalin and Archana Gautam.Despite their past conflicts, she seems to hold no ill will towards them and wishes them the best in their respective endeavors.

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