Narayana’s Sensational Remarks On The Meeting Between CM Jagan And Chiranjeevi!

After Megastar Chiranjeevi meeting with CM Jaganmohan Reddy, AP politics heated up at once.News spread that YSRCP was giving Chiranjeevi a Rajya Sabha seat.

 Narayana’s Sensational Remarks On The Meeting Between Cm Jagan And Chiranjeevi!

In addition, the major parties have also made several allegations.Chiranjeevi also responded to the order and denied the news.

He said he had met CM YS Jagan for the benefit of the industry.However, CPI (M) National Secretary Narayana made Sensational remarks on speculations that Chiranjeevi would get a Rajya Sabha seat.

Narayana said that Chiranjeevi was a good friend but meeting the Chief Minister alone was a mistake he made.Chiranjeevi went on a special flight and said that there was No need to meet the CM alone.

He said the problem was not immortalized personally, except in the film industry.

Narayana said the Rajya Sabha seat issue between CM Jagan and Chiranjeevi had come up but the one-to-one meeting had given rise to such speculations.

Narayana said that since this was a problem of the film industry, Chiranjeevi should have chased the respective associations and joined the CM, but instead went alone without doing so.While, CPI National Secretary Narayana participated in the Sankranti celebrations in his own village.Narayana drove a tractor on a farm in Ayanambakkam, Chittoor District Urban Zone.Narayana commented that he was here at this time when Covid was rampant and felt safe to be in his own village.

Narayana made these remarks on Chiranjeevi on this occasion.

AP Power Minister Balineni Srinivasa Reddy (Balineni Srinivasa Reddy) said that Chiranjeevi was meeting CM YS Jaganmohan Reddy.

Srinivas Reddy clarified that Chiranjeevi met the CM only on issues related to the film.Some are making untrue propaganda against Chiranjeevi.

Narayana’s Sensational Remarks On The Meeting Between CM Jagan And Chiranjeevi! - Telugu Ap Cm Jagan, Chiranjeevi, Cm Jagan, Cpim Yana

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