MLA Nandamuri Balakrishna Mouna Deeksha In Hindupur Balakrishna

MLA Nandamuri Balakrishna Mouna Deeksha in Hindupur Balakrishna

Political heat erupted after the announcement of new districts in Andhra Pradesh.The people of several districts are already demanding that the district be declared by their area name.

 Mla Nandamuri Balakrishna Mouna Deeksha In Hindupur

In particular, the demand for declaring Hindupur as the district headquarters is well heard.It is known that the leaders are demanding that Hindupuram be declared as the district headquarters instead of Puttaparthi for the newly formed Sri Sathyasai district.

It is learned that the actor and Hindupuram MLA also supported the Hindupuram district movement in this regard.On this Balakrishna started another movement.

To this extent Balakrishna undertook silence in Hindupur.Earlier, TDP ranks held a huge rally with district supporters from Potti Sriramulu Koodali in the town to Ambedkar Koodali.

Later, Balakrishna along with party leaders and activists sat for mouna deeksha at Ambedkar Square.

Balakrishna made key remarks on the occasion.

If Hindupuram is not declared as the district headquarters .he will resign .YCP public representatives are challenged to resign.Balakrishna demanded the government to declare the district as the center of Hindupur.

If so .Balakrishna will participate in a meeting with all party leaders in the evening after the initiation of silence.The meeting will discuss the movement’s action to be taken with the demand to make Hindupur the district headquarters.tdp mla nandamuri balakrishna huge rally in hindupur,balakrishna protest for hindupur,tdp mla balakrishna,balakrishna latest news,balakrishna mouna deeksha,tdp mla nandamuri balakrishna,balakrishna live,balakrishna about new districts,hindupur latest news,telugu breaking news,balakrishna huge rally in hindupur,balakrishna demands hindupur as district headquarters,balakrishna,ap districts latest news,ap districts,hindupur,balakrishna rally,Andhra Pradesh,tdp,ycp #NandamuriBalakrishna #Hindupur #BalakrishnaMounaDeeksha

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