Look How You Can Treat Pimples By Using Coconut Oil

Look how you can treat pimples by using coconut oil

Puberty hits and there you see many changes happening with your body like change in voice, change in shapes, hormonal balance and so on.But puberty also has some side effects.One and most common among them is acne.It hits almost everyone in the world because you see a sudden rise in progesterone and testosterone hormones in both girls and boys.

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The difference is, few don’t suffer with it for long and few have to bear it even for decade.This is where you feel the perks of the dry skin.An oily skin is trouble.But interestingly, there is one oil which can be a troubleshooter.

That is Coconut Oil, the most common oil used worldwide.

How coconut oil can treat acne ? Is there anything much to do with coconut oil other than using it for cooking and applying to hair ? Yes, there is so much to do apart from these well known uses.Coconut oil can treat acne.See how.

* One of the influential problems on acne is blockage of sebum glands.The presence of Vitamin E in the coconut oil can clear these blockages.

Vitamin E can also reduce the improper flow of hormones in our body.For better results, combine both coconut and almond oils.

* Lauric Acid is an important component in Coconut Oil.This acid acts way too harsh on bacteria.From small infections to HIV, lauric acid is used in treating many infections.Imagine how powerful this can be on pimples.

* We use different soaps and cosmetics on our skin.This usage of chemicals imbalances the PH levels of skin.

Coconut oil contains Caprylic Acid which to restore the balance of PH levels.This balance is very important in treating pimples.

* Capric Acid is another key element in coconut oil.Although it is not as powerful as the other two acids are, it has enough anti inflammatory properties to provide sort of relief from inflammation and irritation caused by pimples.

Note : Use natural coconut oil.Not refined one.Apply coconut oil after you moisturize.