Ilbs Case: Metamix Tech Denies Ties With Delhi Chief Secy’s Son, Govt Says Links Between Two In Public Domain

ILBS case: Metamix Tech denies ties with Delhi Chief Secy’s son, govt says links between two in public domain

New Delhi, Nov 18 : Amid the Dwarka expressway and Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences (ILBS) controversies, the Metamix Technology, the company, implicated in employing Karan Chauhan, the son of Delhi Chief Secretary Naresh Kumar, has denied any association with an individual by that name.

The company asserted that it neither has a stakeholder named ‘Karan Chauhan’, nor employs anyone by that designation as a director or an employee.

However, Delhi’s government’s rejoinder read that the report of Vigilance Minister Atishi clearly mentions that information of Karan Chauhan’s association with MetaMix was obtained from public domain.

“There is no reason to doubt this information, especially since it is clearly established that 99 per cent of the equity in MetaMix is owned by Anish Sarin, promoter of Anant Raj Limited, the employer of Karan Chauhan for past 10-12 years,” it read.

“And if there was nothing to fear, why did MetaMix take down its website and its LinkedIn profile, why did their founders Karan Chauhan and Saksham Harivyasi take down their LinkedIn profiles soon after the Vigilance Minister submitted her report,” it added.

“It has come to the knowledge of our company through electronic and print media, as well as through social media that a report of a minister is being circulated in which certain observations have been made against our company alleging that one Karan Chauhan (who is said to be the son of the Chief Secretary of Delhi) is the founder of our company.

“Such false propaganda is being spread using some international website, which neither has any legal credence nor any recognition under Indian laws.It seems to be a hit job on our company to defame us,” K.D.Sharma, Director of MetaMix Technologies Pvt.Ltd, said in a statement.

“We would like to clarify to all that such allegation is baseless and without any truth.Our company MetaMix Technologies Pvt.Ltd.has neither any stakeholder having the name ‘Karan Chauhan’, nor has any director or employee with such name,” it stated.

“Our company is a startup firm working in the field of Augmented Reality and is a Mixed Reality Partner of Microsoft in India.

It is also understood that further lies are being spread about destruction of records by our company.We request you not to publish such lies and also to confirm about our company’s records from concerned official authorities, who are custodians of such records,” it added.

Meanwhile, Delhi Vigilance Minister Atishi has submitted a report with Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal alleging that several evidences related to Karan Chauhan are being destroyed and the developments make it all the more urgent for an immediate CBI investigation to be ordered into this matter.

She also demanded that the Chief Secretary be suspended pending inquiry.

A Delhi government source said that in a report sent to the Chief Minister, Atishi highlighted that “irregularities in the partnership between ILBS and MetaMix Technologies Pvt.Ltd, it has been found that multiple web posts and links related to Chauhan, MetaMix and the partnership between ILBS-MetaMix are being deleted in a bid to destroy evidence and suppress the facts”.



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