Employees Unions Leaders On PRC #AP

Employees Unions Leaders on PRC #AP

Trade union leaders set fire to pay slips at Revenue Bhavan.Wage slips, PRC organisms poured petrol and set on fire.

 Employees Unions Leaders On Prc #ap-TeluguStop.com

Boparaju, Bandi, Suryanarayana, Venkatramireddy and others took part in the protest.On this occasion, K.Venkatramireddy said that the new salaries were unscientific but the government hastily deposited the salaries in the bank accounts.He said there were no records of wages being paid on the same date as in the past.

In a hurry the government claimed to have paid wages even to the dead employees.He said the government was not in a position to listen to the PRC saying it was unscientific.

Boparaju Venkateshwar said that the government was making mistakes over and over again by doing the work of human beings through missions in the rush to lay the revised pay scale.The government, which is not on the verge, claims that everything is being reversed.

It should be noted that no one is enjoying the wages and pensions given by the government.

Chalo said the government was getting a word-changing, mind-altering disease that was arresting employees everywhere who were coming to participate in the Vijayawada program.

Saying that there was permission before but now there is not.Boparaju said the corona was no more serious than the injury inflicted by the government.

Bandi Srinivasa Rao said the employees had burnt their pay slips not with a fire but with a stomach ache.Officials at a private agency called CFMS allegedly stole the code and paid it.He said it was definitely an abuse of power and would be prosecuted in court.Andhra Pradesh,Telugu Politics,ys jagan,chandra babu,ap employees prc issue,ap govt employees prc issue,employees prc issue,ap employees on prc issue,ap employees about cm jagan,prc issue,ap prc latest news,ap employees,cm ys jagan on prc issue,debate on govt employees prc issue in ap,ap prc issue updates,ys jagan on ap employees prc issue,ap govt employees prc,ap prc fight,prc issue in ap,ap employees prc latest news,ap employees latest news,telugu #APGovtEmployees #APPRC #PRC

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Employees Unions Leaders On PRC #AP - Telugu Apprc, Telugu #Shorts

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