Crocodile Dies After Coming Under Train In K\'taka

Crocodile dies after coming under train in K’taka

Gadag (Karnataka), Oct 2 : An incident of a crocodile dying after coming under the train was reported from the Gadag district of Karnataka on Monday, authorities said.

 Crocodile Dies After Coming Under Train In K'

The incident had taken place in Hale Aluru village.

According to authorities, the crocodile had come out of the Malaprabha river and came under the train while crossing the tracks.

The eight-foot-long crocodile has been cut into two pieces.

The locals who noticed it had taken away the body of the crocodile from the tracks and informed the authorities.

The forest department authorities have taken the case for investigation and sources said that they will dispose off the body of the dead crocodile.



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