Chinese Netizens Term Intel Apology As ‘weak’

New Delhi, Dec 23 : US chip giant Intel on Thursday apologised to its Chinese consumers, partners and the public for the trouble caused by its move to boycott products from Northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, but some Chinese Netizens and experts said that the Apology was not sincere and more commercial ramifications could follow, the Global Times reported.

 Chinese Netizens Term Intel Apology As ‘weak’

In a statement issued in Chinese, Intel said that “we deeply apologise for the trouble caused to our respected Chinese customers, partners and the public”.

It noted that although its original intention was to ensure compliance with the US laws, its letter on the Xinjiang issue has caused “many questions and concerns among our cherished Chinese partners, and we deeply regret it”.

The statement came after the company’s recent letter requiring its suppliers to not source goods or services or use labour from Xinjiang sparked widespread anger among the Chinese public and its Chinese partners.

On Wednesday, Chinese pop singer Wang Junkai terminated all cooperation with Intel, saying that after multiple rounds of “serious communication”, the US firm still failed to publicly express its stance and attitude.

“National interest is above all else,” the young popular singer said in a statement, the report said.

Intel’s statement on Thursday became a trending topic on Chinese social media platform Weibo, where many Netizens are not buying Intel’s “weak” statement.Chinese industry experts also suggested that Intel’s statement will not be sufficient to change its image in the Chinese market.Ma Jihua, veteran industry expert, told the Global Times on Thursday that Intel did not have to make this high-profile move to please US politicians in the first place, and its Apology under pressure could not be sincere, “because that would be slapping itself in the face”.

Chinese Netizens call Intel’s Apology ‘weak’

The statement by Intel on Thursday was a hot topic on Chinese social media platform Weibo.Many Netizens don’t buy Intel’s “weak” statement.
Experts from the Chinese industrial sector also said that Intel’s statements will not suffice to improve its reputation in China.

Ma Jihua, a veteran industry expert, said that Intel didn’t have to make the high-profile move in order to please US politicians.The company could also not offer an Apology to the Global Times under pressure, saying that it would only be “slapping its face in the face”

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