5 New Future Features In WhatsApp That Will Make Your 2018

* Facebook like stickers :

Facebook initially had only like button.Later reactions were added to it.Now we do have angry, sad, wow, love and like in the store.What if WhatsApp gets one of these? Yes, Facebook like stickers are to made available in WhatsApp very soon.The beta users already have this thing.It’s right after GIF.Normal users have to wait for a while to get this update.

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* Call merging / Group Calls :

WhatsApp introduced calling couple of years ago.Video call was introduced a year ago.This year, you would probably get to see group calling or call merging option.Yes, not just one to one, group calling is pretty much possible in WhatsApp in near future.

* Call switching into video call :

While you are having an intense conversation and you suddenly need the visuals, you are bound to cut the call in the middle and make a video call.That would put you in slight discomfort for seconds.WhatsApp would soon solve this problem.

Yes, you can switch to video call from normal call immediately without cutting the call.Just like you make normal call to video call in Jio without any disturbance.

* Instagram stories on WhatsApp :

The stories on WhatsApp are already a success.There is an interesting feature in store which will allow you to export an Instagram story to WhatsApp.WhatsApp is currently working on this.You can connect your WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram very soon.Isn’t that interesting?

* More power to group admins :

Telugustop has already reported the info that whatapp will soon allow group admins to impose more restrictions on group members.An admin can ban users from messaging in the group.

Admin can also put restrictions on changing the group info.