5 Mistakes Men Make During Foreplay In $ex

Foreplay is the foundation of $exual act.If the first step impresses her, then everything would go smooth and according to your will.If men fall down at the basics, then it would be very hard to provide her with an orgasm.Why most of the men fail to make her reach her climax? That’s because of these 6 mistakes

* Not Teasing her :

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Showing her the glimpse from what is coming would draw her attention and mood into the act.Instead, men go hard and direct at most the times.They don’t tease their partners.

A serious mistake it is

* Taking kisses on a lighter note :

Who said lip locks doesn’t turn her on? They do.Men, especially Indian are said to be concentrating less on smooching or snogging.A random kiss on her lips even while you stimulate other parts would work

* Underrating neck kisses :

Probably, neck kisses are the easiest options to turn her on and make her involved in the gameplay.But men underrate neck kisses at most of the times.

If committed, this is a serious mistake

* Not enough nipple stimulation :

Nipple stimulation alone can give her an orgasm.Now understand what major role it can play in involving her in the act.Not many but there are men who underrate even nipple stimulation or doing it wrong or inadequate

* Not going down to her :

This is the by far the biggest insult you can possibly give her in the lovemaking.In true sense, lovemaking loses it’s meaning if you don’t go down to her.Help her in maintaining hygiene if that is a complaint on your part.But remember, going down her will earn cent score for you

* Ignoring Clitoris :

The easiest way to give her orgasm is to stimulate her clitoris.Thousands of nerve ending connected to clitoris give her heavenly sensations and provide an orgasm in quick time.Most women rate oral to the clitoris over penetration in the vaginal opening.

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