Women Are More Interested In Oral $ex Than Men – Study  

Women Are More Interested In Oral $ex Than Men – Study -

How often you listen or see women complaining about their unhappiness on $exual life, especially about the oral act? Yes, you would see that quite often.There are number of surveys which already have proved that women get less oral $ex when compared to men.Getting an oral is a quite common affair for men but it is not the same for women.Why so much difference? A survey has come up with two answers for two questions.Who enjoy oral $ex more? Men or Women?

Over 2700 women participated in a poll conducted by Canadian $exologist platform.The doctors asked the women if or not they enjout giving an oral to the male part of thier boyfriends/husband’s.

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Interestingly, 73% have voted YES and 19% voted NO.The rest said that it changes for time to time

The same question was asked to a male group of over 1350 members.Guess what are the numbers? It’s 67% NO and only 25% YES.The rest are either neutral or they do enjoy at times and they don’t at times

Look, there is a big difference between male and female when it comes to oral $ex.However, the numbers would be so different if the topic was about penetration.But the thing is “why”? Why men are less interested to give oral to the lady part when compared with women giving an oral to male part? Check out what Dr.Riley Blush has to say

“At first place, it’s easy for men to maintain the basic hygiene when compared with female.Men are often worried about the different kind of fluids that vagina release.Whereas, a male release only semen which is in fact a great thing even if she happens to swallow any bit.That’s not the same for the lady part.And it’s not just about hygiene, men try to show their supremacy in that way.In many places over the globe, b*owjob is part of $ex session but Cunnilingus is a generous act that men with large heart perform.Other side, women enjoy the erected, warm meat” she stated.

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