What To Do To Keep Your Hair Straight Whole Day?

What to do to keep your hair straight whole day?

* Use good conditioner :

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Usage of good hair conditioner is must.Without which you hair would stop listening to you even though you had undergone special straightening methods.It’s all about maintaining a good hair conditioner in the market.There are special and specific products to serve this purpose

* Don’t rub roughly :

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After you take a bath, it’s better to dry the hair with a drier.It’s not bad if you rub with a towel but make sure you don’t go rough on rubbing.Be smooth and gently on your hair

* What to apply on wet hair?

You can use anti frizz products that contain silicone.You can use straightening gel, mousse or conditioner in wet hair.At time, you can even experiment with coconut oil if you don’t want to lose the moisture for longer period.What if in case, you don’t want to moisture to stay?

* Iron the hair :

Boy hair ironing machine which would cost anywhere between Rs.500 to Rs.5000.It depends upon the brand you want to use.But remember, don’t heavily dependent on ironing the hair.You can use it right before a party

What to do before shower/bath?

* Sprinkle milk to your hair a 20-25 minutes before you go to shower

* You can apply egg to your hair a half an hour before the bath

* For better results, use the combination of coconut milk and lemon water.