Uk Braces For New Heatwave

UK is bracing for another heat wave

London 10th August : London, Aug 10 : UK is preparing for the possibility of days of extreme temperatures in the hottest heatwave of the year since the Met Office has issued a four-day amber alert of severe heat in areas of England and Wales from Thursday to Sunday.
According to weather experts forecast, temperatures could rise to 35 ° Celsius and even as high as 36 degrees in some areas, according to the news agency DPA.

 Uk Braces For New

The most vulnerable will likely suffer adverse health effects, and the larger population could also be affected delays to travel are possible, and there is a greater chance of fires and water accidents as more people travel to tourist destinations.

The UK Health Security Agency has extended its level 3 heat health alert for central and southern England from Tuesday to 11 p.m.on Sunday, with experts advising people to be aware of the elderly and those with already existing health issues and also young children.

According to the Met Office, temperatures are not expected to reach the same extremes as they were in July, which broke records when temperatures rose to 40 ° Celsius in certain regions in the UK for the first time in.

Dry weather, coupled with the record-breaking heatwave of last month have drained reservoirs, rivers and aquifers and dehydrated soils, affecting the agricultural sector, water supply and wildlife , and increasing the possibility of wildfires.

In the meantime, there was no immediate indication of rain in the most recent forecast forecast by the Met Office.

The temperatures are expected to rise in the mid-30s to low in the coming days in the region that is covered by the Met Office amber warning.

Outside of the warning zone the thresholds for heatwaves, set with different temperatures in different regions of the UK, are likely to be reached for a large portion of the UK, with temperatures widely into the upper 20s, and a possibility of some spots experiencing temperatures reaching the 30s.

Scotland as well as Northern Ireland will also see temperatures reaching the 20s, and could even reach the official heatwave threshold on Friday.

The Met Office’s fire severity score, a measure of the severity of an incident could be should it begin it, is extremely high for the majority of England and Wales and could be “exceptional” for a large portion of England over the course of the weekend.


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