Top 10 Indian Stars According To IMDB

International Movie Database (IMDB), as every year, presented a list of Top 10 actors who excited IMDB users.These 10 stars are those who enthralled audience by their intense powermances and contribution for Indian Cinema.3 of Telugu Cinema biggest stars made into the list.They are the Baahubali superstars Prabhas, Anushka Shetty and Tamannah Bhatia.

 Top 10 Indian Stars According To

Among the 3 Khans, Sharukh Khan stealer that top spot for his power packed avatar in Raees.

However, this list has earned so much heat on the internet for the placement of ranks.

Aamir Khan, whose Dangal internationally grossed 2000cr has been ranked below Sharukh Khan whose films haven’t earned the response anywhere near to Dangal.Tamannah has been placed above Prabhas, on the 4th spot for no valid reason.

Only IMDB can explain the logic behind this

1) Sharukh Khan
2) Aamir Khan
3) Salman Khan
4) Tamannah Bhatia
5) Prabhas
6) Irrfan Khan
7) Anushka Sharma
8) Anushka Shetty
9) Hrithik Roshan
10) Katrina Kaif

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