Top 10 Fascinating Facts About Dreams

Top 10 fascinating facts about dreams

* Only if the person is in rapid eye movement sleep, he or she can really remember what happened in the dream.Otherwise more than 90% of the people don’t remember what happened in the dream

 Top 10 Fascinating Facts About

* It is said that even toddlers aging 3 – 4 years can dream.

But there is a surprise here, they won’t appear in their own dreams

* Men or women both can get orgasms in dreams.In general they are called sexual dreams.

Penis ejaculate and vagina becomes wet in sexual dreams

* Unlike shown in movies people cannot remember the faces they have dreamt in dreams.Faces look very similar when you go into the process of filtration

* Do you think that only human beings can dream? Well even animals can dream.A dog can dream as well as leopards can.

* Ever wondered why people get nightmares? Guess just because the brain is filled with negative thoughts and people are undergoing lot of stress and anxiety.Just don’t believe in all those Nightmare stories

* At times people can sense what is actually happening in the dream.The sense here means the real sense.

He is the reason why people get orgasms in a dream

* It is said that people can’t read and watch what is the time in dreams.Reading is one thing which can draw a line between reality and a dream.

If you don’t believe this have a check

* People react to dreams.They react to what is happening in the dream.

They fight with someone, they attack someone out of imagination.Many people have burnt their own houses reacting to a dream, few even committed murder reacting to dream.

This is called as rapid eye movement disorder.Sleepwalking falls into this category

* People who are blind but not born blind, can still dream which sights.

However, people who are born blind dream experiences from other senses except eyes.

Top 10 Fascinating Facts About Dreams -

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