Thousands Of Posters, Banners Removed As Mcc In Force: Punjab Ceo

Thousands of posters, banners removed as MCC in force: Punjab CEO

Chandigarh, March 19 : Punjab’s Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) Sibin C, on Tuesday said 15,653 posters, 7,511 banners, 24,433 graffiti and 23,916 defacements on property have been removed across the state as the Model Code of Conduct has come into force.

 Thousands Of Posters, Banners Removed As Mcc In Force: Punjab

He emphasised that to prevent the misuse of muscle and money power, elaborate efforts to ensure free and fair Lok Sabha polls have been undertaken in the state.

Replying to a query, he said 25 companies of paramilitary forces have been deployed and additional forces would be stationed, based on the threat assessment.

A robust seizure management system has been implemented, resulting in captures worth Rs 113.45 crore since March 1, he added.

He added that 119 complaints have been received via C-Vigil, with 86 found to be valid and promptly addressed.

CCTV cameras have been installed at interstate checkpoints, and flying squads equipped with necessary tools have been deployed at inter-district checkpoints.

Sibin noted that out of 24,433 polling stations in the state, 2,416 have been identified as critical till now, warranting additional security measures.

CCTV installation and centralised monitoring will be implemented across all polling stations, he added.

Efforts will also be made to increase voter turnout, particularly in around 12,000 polling stations where the turnout was lower than the national and state averages in the Lok Sabha elections in 2019, so that the objective of ‘Abki baar, 400 paar’ can be achieved.

He stated that as on March 1, Punjab had 2,12,71,246 voters.



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