Telangana To Witness Temperature Drop For The Next Three Days

Telangana is Witnessing a Drop in Temperatures, especially at night.Temperatures in the state are gradually declining.

 Telangana To Witness Temperature Drop For The Next Three

Meteorological officials say the effect will continue to be similar for another three Days in the state.

The meteorological department officials say that the current weather in Telangana is a result of winds blowing towards Telangana from North and Northeast India.

Meteorological department officials said the lowest Temperatures were recorded in several parts of the state, including Hyderabad, on Sunday.

On Sunday, Adilabad recorded 16.8 degrees Celsius, while Hyderabad recorded 18.6 degrees Celsius.Sangareddy Nallavelli recorded the lowest Temperature at 15.7 degrees.Meanwhile, meteorological officials said night Temperatures would be much lower this year.However, people are worrying after seeing such a Drop in Temperatures at the beginning of winter itself.

On the other hand, Telangana state received the highest rainfall this year.As per the weather reports, Telangana Witnessed 30% more rainfall this year.

Most of the areas in Telangana are inundated in floodwaters due to the incessant and heavy rains.Now, it seems like Telangana is likely to Witness severe Temperature Drops, especially at night.

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