Telangana RTC Is Incurring In Losses!

The Telangana RTC, which was running at loss since 2020 in the wake of the corona, was now facing crushing losses due to the second wave of the corona.People are adhering to the self-lockdown as there is a tremendous increase in cases since the first week of April.

 Telangana Rtc Is Incurring In Losses!

Only a few people are using public transportation.Most people are preferring traveling in their own vehicle.

This caused the RTC to go into further losses.

 Telangana RTC Is Incurring In Losses-Latest News English-Telugu Tollywood Photo

The number of passengers traveling by bus has dropped drastically over the past two weeks.

Of the total 2,800 buses in Greater Hyderabad, only 40 percent of them are currently providing services.In the month of January 2021, about 20 lakh people used RTC buses but now, below 7 lakh people are traveling in RTC buses in Telangana.

From Greater Hyderabad, the Telangana government receives around Rs.3.5 crore revenue per day from tickets.But now, the revenue dropped to Rs 70 lakh, officials said.

Greater Hyderabad RTC ED Venkateshwar said the first dose was given to 9,000 RTC personnel as the government had asked everyone over the age of 45 to be vaccinated against corona.

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