Sean Rogers Bags Fastest Indian Title At Natrax

Sean Rogers Bags Fastest Indian Title at NATRAX

Hyderabad 16th May 2022: When the lights go out, the world sleeps, but he conquers.Sean Rogers has officially been declared “THE FASTEST INDIAN” as of 30th April 2022.Curious to know what his record speed was? 329.83 km/hr When asked how he felt about achieving this awesome feat over the weekend, he responded, “It’s an honor to be the first Indian to be bestowed with this title and I am delighted that I have achieved this feat.” Sean is an experienced racer with over 12 years in the seat in both Drag Racing and Autocross variants.Sean has taken his passion for racing to the next level and competed in many events, winning over eighty awards.

 Sean Rogers Bags Fastest Indian Title At

He states that he loves racing with a zeal and passion unparalleled to any and his favorite pastime is to talk about cars and bikes.When asked what drives him towards the track, he states he loves the adrenaline rush, the fast corners, and the deep sense of accomplishment it gives him.Sean is a man of many talents with a deep knowledge of cars and a supporting team of experienced racers like Avinash Yenigalla and Sandeep Nadimpalli.Sean has his race engineers backing him, and likes to prepare and build his bikes by himself.

Reminiscing about his performance on the renowned NATRAX track, he said, “I love the controlled excitement and the rush that comes from racing.You never know if you’re going to win; it adds to the excitement of being on track and hearing your engine rev around you.” Apart from his recent wins, Sean added three consecutive wins to his ever-growing accolades earlier this year in the Bangalore Vroom Drag Race.He has won notable titles such as “Fastest Driver of the events in Autocross” and “Fastest in foreign car and bike drag races.” When asked about his plans, Sean says that he plans to give other racers like him an opportunity to experience the same accomplishments by growing a community, culture, and experience of racing enthusiasts and experts.Sean and his team have worked in synchrony to achieve these wins.

We hope that they compete in many more races and make us all proud of the underrated sport of racing.

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