Sawant Becomes Only Bjp’s Leader In Goa To Complete 5 Years In Office

Sawant becomes only BJP’s leader in Goa to complete 5 years in office

Panaji, March 19 : BJP leader Pramod Sawant has become the only BJP leader to complete five years (from two terms) as Chief Minister in Goa.

 Sawant Becomes Only Bjp’s Leader In Goa To Complete 5 Years In

Though BJP came to power in the year 2000, under the leadership of Manohar Parrikar, however, he could remain in the position only for 16 months.Subsequently, when the assembly was dissolved in 2002, Parrikar was caretaker Chief Minister for four months.

In 2002, after a fresh assembly election, the BJP again came to power under the leadership of Parrikar, but he could remain in office for a mere 32 months as Congress ousted the BJP from power.

Later again in 2012, Parrikar became Chief Minister of Goa but was shifted to the Centre and elevated to Defence Minister in 2014, who was succeeded by BJP leader Laxmikant Parsekar.

Parrikar’s successor could remain in the Chief Minister’s post only for 28 months.

In 2017, Parrikar was brought back to local politics, but he could remain in the Chief Minister’s position only until his demise in 2019.

Pramod Sawant, who succeeded him, was the Chief Ministerial face of the 2022 assembly election and after getting elected again became Chief Minister of the coastal state.

He has completed five years in the office in his two terms.

“On this significant occasion, marking five years in the office as the Chief Minister of Goa, I express my heartfelt gratitude to the people of Goa for their continued support, love and affection,” Sawant said on his social media page.

“I thank the Bharatiya Janata Party for entrusting me with the responsibility to serve the state.I am deeply grateful to the Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his guidance from time to time, under whose leadership and wholehearted support various initiatives aimed at the welfare of the people of Goa were envisaged and implemented,” he further said.



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