TDP MP’S House Robbed Again

TDP MP’S House Robbed Again

Popular actor turned Rajamundry MP Murali Mohan’s house has been Robbed once again.According to Banjara Hills police, Maganti Ram Mohan, son of MP Murali Mohan lodged complaint saying that costly tv has stolen from his house.Police filed the complaint and started investigation.

 Tdp Mp’s House Robbed

This is second robbery took place in TDP MP Murali Mohan’s House in a week time.

Few days before a female guest in his house lost 6 lakhs worth jewellery and foreign currency.The guest who came from Sri Lanka stayed at the MP’s son’s house and it was before she left that she noticed her Rs 6 lakhs worth foreign currency as well as jewelry going missing.

The police have started the investigation and before they complete it, a costly TV has been Robbed again by some unknown people from MP’S house.The crime took place when the MP’s family was not there in the house.

The police came forward with Dog Squad and Clues Team and started enquiry again.In the process, they have also enquired driver and servants in the house.

Murali Mohan who won as MP from Rajhumundry has set up his camp office in his constituency and is staying half the time overseeing the activities there.