Raj B Shetty Announces Lavish 100 Crore Budget For ‘kantara 2’

Raj B Shetty Announces Lavish 100 Crore Budget for ‘Kantara 2’

Rishab Shetty is all set to star in the highly anticipated movie ‘Kantara 2.’ The film boasts a massive budget of around 100 crores, and this exciting news was revealed by Raj B Shetty.He also mentioned that they are not cutting corners when it comes to production costs.

 Raj B Shetty Announces Lavish 100 Crore Budget For ‘kantara 2’-TeluguStop.com

Meanwhile, Raj B Shetty has his own film, ‘Toby,’ scheduled for release in Malayalam on September 22.

When discussing ‘Kantara 2,’ which is currently in the writing stage, Raj B Shetty shared some interesting details.This sequel will be produced on a grand scale, with a budget nearly ten times larger than the first installment, reaching up to Rs.100 crore.

As for the potential sequel to Rakshit Shetty’s ‘777 Charlie,’ Raj B Shetty made it clear that it’s not happening right now.Director Kiranraj is working on a different story, and Rakshit is likely to act in that film.Raj B Shetty is not involved in this project.

The Malayalam trailer for Raj B Shetty’s ‘Toby’ has already received positive feedback.The film, directed by Basil Alchalakkal, will be distributed in Kerala through Dulquer Salmaan’s Wayfarer Films.

Rishab Shetty, who is part of ‘Kantara 2,’ is going through a significant transformation for his role.He aims to lose around 11 kilograms to achieve a leaner appearance.‘Kantara 2’ will transport audiences to the year 400 AD, which adds to the intrigue surrounding the film.

The story of ‘Kantara 2’ unfolds against a coastal backdrop, and filming will take place in coastal locations.

The film’s writers, Anirudh Mahesh, Shanil Guru, and their team, have gone to Mangaluru to craft the story and screenplay.The shooting is set to commence in November 2023, but specific release details are still under wraps.

The first phase of filming for ‘Kantara 2’ is scheduled to begin on November 1.

Overall, Rishab Shetty’s involvement in ‘Kantara 2’ with its massive budget and Raj B Shetty’s upcoming release ‘Toby’ in Malayalam are generating a lot of excitement in the film industry.Additionally, ‘Kantara 2’ promises to be an intriguing historical journey set against coastal landscapes, making it a film to look forward to.

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