Pedro Pascal Says \'i\'m A Little Drunk\' During Sag Awards Acceptance Speech

Pedro Pascal says ‘I’m a little drunk’ during SAG awards acceptance speech

Los Angeles, Feb 25 : Hollywood actor Pedro Pascal was honoured with the award for male actor in a drama series at the recently held 30th edition of the annual Screen Actors Guild Awards.

 Pedro Pascal Says 'i'm A Little Drunk' During Sag Awards Acceptance

He was feted for his role in the post-apocalyptic zombie series ‘The Last of Us’.

However, as he took the stage to give his acceptance speech, he wasn’t exactly sober, reports ‘Variety’.

The actor admitted he thought he could get drunk, likely because he didn’t think he would win the SAG Award after Kieran Culkin won the same category for his work in ‘Succession’ at the Golden Globes and Emmy Awards earlier this year.

“This is wrong for so many reasons,” Pascal told the audience.

“I’m a little drunk.I thought I could get drunk.I’m making a fool of myself but thank you so much for this! I’ve been in the union since 1999 so this is an incredible f****** honour.

To the nominees, all of you, I can’t remember any of your names right now.”

As per ‘Variety’, the actor held back tears as he expressed his gratitude to his family, as he immediately brought his drunken acceptance speech to an end by saying: “I’m going to have a panic attack and I’m going to leave”.

This year’s other SAG Award nominees for male actor in a drama series were Culkin, Brian Cox, Billy Crudup and Matthew Macfadyen.Whether he’s won or not, Pascal has been creating one viral awards show moment after the next this season.

He memorably joked at the 2023 Emmy Awards while wearing an arm sling that the recent shoulder injury was because “Keiran Culkan beat the shit out of me”.



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