Obama..Don’t Touch My Girl Friend

American president Barrack Obama caught in an embarrassing situation when a man requested him to not to Touch his girl friend.The incident was happened when The President was voting in his home state of Illinois.When Obama getting ready to caste vote beside a woman her Boy Friened Mike Jones told Obama: “Mr President, don’t Touch my girlfriend.”

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Without looking up from his voting machine, Mr Obama replied: “I really wasn’t planning on it.” Jones later justified his remark to reporters, saying that everyone was so quiet that he thought he had to say something to “make people laugh’’.

Clearly embarrassed, Cooper apologized for her boyfriend’s behavior.Obama ended the exchange by giving the woman a kiss on the cheek.“You’re gonna kiss me, give him something to talk about,” he said.“Now he’s really jealous.”

The YouTube video has received more than 609,000 views since going online yesterday, with most social media users full of praise for the President’s cool response.