\'last 9 Years Have Seen Decisive Decision-making, Vibrant Democracy At Work\', Says Shah

‘Last 9 years have seen decisive decision-making, vibrant democracy at work’, says Shah

New Delhi, Sep 29 : Home Minister Amit Shah on Friday said that in the last nine years, due to the stable and decisive government at the Centre, the country has seen sound policies and great teamwork in the federal structure, unlike the “policy paralysis” of the previous UPA regime.

 'last 9 Years Have Seen Decisive Decision-making, Vibrant Democracy At Work', Sa-TeluguStop.com

Addressing the 118th annual session of the PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry, he said that the UPA regime’s 10-year period of 2004 to 2014 “shook the country”, which was also the “last period” of political instability.

In sharp contrast, the last nine years have seen performances and decisive policies and the economy has got a new direction under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Shah said.

“The last nine years have been that of political stability and decisive policy-making.our GDP has grown from $2.03 trillion to $3.75 trillion during the period, which is almost double.per capita income has grown from Rs 68,000 in 2013-14.to Rs 1.80 lakh,” he said.

The home minister said PM Modi has tried to change India in every field in the last nine years and has also been successful.

After successfully organising the G20 summit, a new energy has been infused not only in trade and industries but also in every sector of the country and all people are experiencing a new momentum, the Union home minister said.

He said trade and industries are the centre of the country’s economy, from where it gets energy.

Shah said whenever a company wants to shift base around the world, India emerges as the bright spot to relocate.

“Our country is the youngest and we also have the largest number of engineers, doctors and technocrats.There is democracy here, there is teamwork and the policy formulation is also clear under the leadership of Modi ji.Therefore, now no one can stop India from establishing itself at the first place in every field in the Amrit Kaal,” he said.

Shah said that the production linked incentive schemes have fulfilled the dream of Make in India in 14 sectors within the country.

“The network of small industries along with big industries will have to be strengthened and PHDCCI will have to come forward strongly to provide guidance and infrastructure in this,” he underlined.



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