Indian Intelligence Agencies Uncover Pak Plot To Destabilise G20 Meetings, Spread Propaganda

Indian intelligence agencies uncover Pak plot to destabilise G20 meetings, spread propaganda

New Delhi, May 22 : Intelligence agencies have learnt that Pakistan has hatched a sinister plot to defame India and to destabilise G20 meetings.The agencies have learned that Pakistan’s ISI and other terrorist outfits are running propaganda and malicious campaigns on social media.

 Indian Intelligence Agencies Uncover Pak Plot To Destabilise G20 Meetings,

The intelligence agencies have also traced around 500 to 600 mobile phone numbers through which rumours are being spread in India.

“The Pakistan-based people are running stop ‘G20 Meetings’, ‘boycott G20 mission’, specially G20 Tourism Working Group Meeting in Kashmir.

“Pakistan has been sidelined at the international platforms for running various propaganda.This is why they are now running this propaganda.

We have discovered 500 to 600 numbers, hundreds of social media handlers through which anti-India campaigns are being run.They are also running various hashtags to destabilise G20 meetings,” the source said.

There were protests and meetings in PoK (Pakistan occupied Kashmir) against G20 meetings.

Pakistan has included in its toolkit a call to oppose laws such as the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), National Register of Citizens (NRC), Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA), and the National Security Act (NSA) on social media.

Additionally, Pakistan is involved in a conspiracy to propagate issues related to ‘Love Jihad’ against India through social media.Pakistan is also attempting to create an atmosphere of discontent among Sikhs in the country.


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