Idf Surrounds Hamas Gaza Leader Sinwar\'s Residence, Confirms Netanyahu (ld)

IDF surrounds Hamas Gaza leader Sinwar’s residence, confirms Netanyahu (Ld)

Tel Aviv, Dec 7 : Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have confirmed that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has surrounded the residence of Hamas leader, Yahya Sinwar in Khan Younis area.

 Idf Surrounds Hamas Gaza Leader Sinwar's Residence, Confirms Netanyahu (ld)

Netanyahu, in a televised address, said that Sinwar, however, was not at his residence but it’s just a matter of time before the Israeli Army gets him.

Defense Minister, Yoav Gallant has said that the IDF would search for Sinwar and eliminate him soon.

The IDF has entered South Gaza after it resumed the war with Hamas on December 1 after a seven day truce.



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