Global Covid Caseload Reaches 258.1 Mn

Global Covid Caseload reaches 258.1 Mn

Washington, November 23, : , The total global coronavirus cases has reached 258.1 millions.According to Johns Hopkins University, the number of deaths from the virus is now more than 5.15million and the vaccines are at 7.42 billion.
The University’s Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE), updated Tuesday morning to reveal that current global cases, deaths and vaccine dosages were 258,172.735, 5,158.642 and 7,423,214,529 respectively.

 Global Covid Caseload Reaches 258.1

According to the CSSE, the USA continues to be the country most affected by the greatest number of deaths and cases, with 47.886,798 in the US and 772.414, respectively.

India is the second-most affected country by cases (34,518.901 infection and 465.911 deaths), followed closely by Brazil (22.020.412 infections, 612,782 death).

Other countries that have more than 5 million cases include the UK (9.941,704) and Russia (9.205,431) as well Turkey (8.598,380), France (7.611,366), Iran (6.077.438), France (7.611,366) and Iran (6.077.438).The CSSE numbers showed that Germany (5.418,774), Argentina (5.315,989), Spain (5.096,538), and Colombia (5.050.255).

There are countries with more than 100,000 deaths: Mexico (292,471) Russia (260.319) Peru (200.866), Britain (144,414) and Indonesia (143.744).Italy (133.247), Iran (127,956), Colombia (120.853), France (120.853), Argentina (116.382).

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