Cvoter Survey: A Big Majority Thinks Modi Has Become A Genuine World Leader

CVoter Survey: A big majority thinks Modi has become a genuine world leader

New Delhi, June 24 : An exclusive series of snap polls conducted across India to gauge public opinion related to events during the state visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the US reveals that a big majority of Indians are convinced that the trip has led to Modi emerge as a genuine world leader, though Indians who support opposition parties are not as enthusiastic about the view as those who support the BJP.

 Cvoter Survey: A Big Majority Thinks Modi Has Become A Genuine World

The question asked during the snap poll was: In your opinion, after this state visit, has PM Modi emerged as a genuine world leader?

Overall, six out of every 10 respondents are of the opinion that Modi has indeed become a genuine world leader, while about 30 per cent of the respondents disagreed with the contention.

But there were deep differences between respondents who support the BJP and those who back the opposition.

Among BJP supporters, a whopping 84 per cent are of the opinion that the Prime Minister is now a genuine world leader.

In contrast, 45 per cent of those who support opposition parties seem to disagree with the contention.

In recent times, Prime Minister Modi has received lavish praise from heads of state of the US, UK, France, Japan and Australia among other nations.

Visuals of the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea touching Modi’s feet had gone viral in May this year.

On Friday night, Prime Minister Modi wrapped the highly successful state visit that has resulted in many pathbreaking agreements in the defence, telecom, semi conductor, energy, education and other frontier technology sectors including space exploration and quantum computing.

President Joe Biden hosted the Prime Minister for a private dinner at the White House apart from the ceremonial reception and official banquet attended by over 500 guests.

During the state visit, Modi became the first Indian leader to address a joint session of the US Congress on two occasions.

Apart from meeting dozens of CEOs of multinationals, the Prime Minister also addressed the Indian diaspora twice in New York and Washington.


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