Covid Third Wave Ended In Telangana DH Srinivas Rao

Covid Third Wave ended in Telangana DH Srinivas Rao

The third phase of Corona is completely over, said Telangana Health Director Srinivasa Rao.He said that the number of Covid cases in Telangana has come down and this is a good development for Telangana.The third phase started from December and the third phase extraction increased in January.He said the positivity rate in the state has gone up to a high of 5 per cent and is currently below 2 per cent.

 Covid Third Wave Ended In Telangana Dh Srinivas

On the other hand, there are less than one lakh corona cases in the country and the positivity rate has come down drastically.

DH said the corona has been gripping the world for two years.

We struggled for 10 months with the first stage of ‘Covid’.The Second Wave has been in trouble for six months.Many lives were lost.In the third phase, more cases were reported within 28 days.

The highest number of 4,800 cases was reported on January 25.The Third Wave came under control in just two months.A total of only 3,000 people have been admitted to hospitals at this stage.

The ‘Fever’ survey yielded good results.

We have surveyed crore houses by undertaking Fever Survey.Kits were distributed to 4 lakh people.

The vaccine served as a key weapon in Covid control.The Omicron variant is a very serious virus.

But we were able to curb it with the vaccine.Yet those who have not yet been vaccinated should be vaccinated.Corona precautions must be taken beforehand.‘

Five crore people in the state have been vaccinated so far.82 percent were given two doses.A new variant is unlikely to be born in the next few months.Covid will soon be endemic.It will become a common flu in the future.‘ Telugu,Telangana,Andhra Pradesh,Telugu Political News,Telugu Politics,Telugu News,Telugu Political updates,Telugu elections,telugu rajakeeyalu,telangana political news,dh srinivasa rao,telangana health director,health director srinivasa rao,srinivasa rao press meet,corona cases in telangana telugu news live,corona cases in telangana,corona cases live,corona cases,telangana corona cases,corona third wave,corona third wave in telangana

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Covid Third Wave Ended In Telangana DH Srinivas Rao - Telugu Coronacases, Dhsrinivasrao, Telugu #Shorts

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