BP MLA T Raja Singh Controversial Statement On UP Elections

BP MLA T Raja Singh Controversial Statement On UP Elections

BJP MLA Raja Singh has recently made controversial remarks once again.It is known that elections are currently being held in 5 states in the country.

 Bp Mla T Raja Singh Controversial Statement On Up Elections-TeluguStop.com

In this context, elections are also being held in Uttar Pradesh.Rajasingh said that the second phase of elections in UP has been completed.

The third phase of elections will be held soon.However, while Yogi Adityanath is in the fray as the UP CM, MLA Rajasingh commented that if does not vote Yogi, will face bulldozers.

He said that all Hindus should unite in UP.He warned that JCBs and bulldozers would be sent to areas where Yogi Adityanath did not vote after the elections.He made harsh remarks that Yogi should stay in UP or else leave Uttar Pradesh.Rajasingh said the Yogi Baba government was coming to Uttar Pradesh.However .Several surveys have already revealed that there is some dissatisfaction with the yogi rule in UP.Telugu Politics,Telugu News,Telugu elections,telugu rajakeeyalu,up assembly election 2022,bjp mla t raja singh controversial statement,yogi adityanath,mla raja singh,bjp mla raja singh,up election 2022,narendra modi,t raja singh,raja singh speech,yogi adityanath live today,up elections yogi adityanath,raja singh yogi adityanath,raja singh comments on yogi adityanath,up election 2022 public opinion,up election 2022 opinion poll aaj tak,up election news #YogiAdityanath #RajaSignh #UPElections

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BP MLA T Raja Singh Controversial Statement On UP Elections - Telugu Rajasignh, Telugu #Shorts

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