BJP Leader DK Aruna Slams Telangana CM KCR DK Aruna KCR

BJP Leader DK Aruna Slams Telangana CM KCR DK Aruna KCR

BJP national vice-president DK Aruna slammed Telangana CM KCR with harsh words.DK Aruna countered the remarks made by CM KCR on the Center and Prime Minister Narendra Modi yesterday in the wake of the Union Budget.

 Bjp Leader Dk Aruna Slams Telangana Cm Kcr Dk Aruna

Speaking to media on Wednesday, DK Aruna said that it was not possible to change the Ambedkar constitution and implement the KCR constitution.DK Aruna criticized KCR Chief Minister for cheating Dalits and sitting in the chair.

DK Aruna, who called KCR as Corrupt emperor, was outraged that you did not have the level to speak against the Prime Minister.DK Aruna fired at KCR, saying that he was sitting in the CM’s seat taking the lives of twelve hundred children and that he should be ashamed.

KCR built the empire on the foundation of the sacrifices of Telangana martyrs.

Mental hospitals are only for people like you.You are inflamed with thoughts of first loss.She expressed impatience with KCR for saying that he could not digest the central budget.

DK Aruna alleged that KCR was sending thousands of crores of rupees to regional parties in the states where elections were taking place.DK Aruna said that there were central funds in the KCR kit, was using the funds given by the center for state schemes.

DK Aruna condemned KCR’s remarks on Women Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman.DK Aruna was outraged that he was mad at the Prime Minister.

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BJP Leader DK Aruna Slams Telangana CM KCR DK Aruna KCR - Telugu Pmmodi, Cmkcr, Telugu, Unionbudget #Shorts

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