‘bigg Boss 17’: Krushna, Sudesh Host Biased ‘bigg Boss Awards’

‘Bigg Boss 17’: Krushna, Sudesh host biased ‘Bigg Boss Awards’

Mumbai, Jan 28 : Adding to the fun and laughter, comedians Krushna Abhishek and Sudesh Lahiri did an award show called the ‘Biased Bigg Boss Awards’ in the house with the most hilarious categories.

 ‘bigg Boss 17’: Krushna, Sudesh Host Biased ‘bigg Boss Awards’-TeluguStop.com

As the theme was being biased this season, the comedians hosted the funny award show.

The categories were ‘Main chup nahi rahungi award’ for which the winners were Isha, Ankita, Aishwarya and Mannara.

Then was the Best iconic jodi award for which the nominations were Vicky Sana, Ayesha, Isha, Ankita, Mannara or all of the above.

However, Sudesh said the best jodi goes to Arun and Tehelka.

Then there was ‘Kisi ke haath na aayega yeh ladka honour’ for which the nominations were Munawar, Abhishek, Vicky.Samarth, won.

Then came the one liner award.The lines included ‘Pair sundar lag rahe… chaat lo’, ‘Nikal le’, ‘Tunnel tak chor ke aayengay’ and ‘Socks soonghle’.Munawar’s one-liner on the tunnel bit was feted.

Sudesh Lahiri dressed up as singer Usha Uthup and called himself Bhusha Uttuf.Krushna called Sudesh the 17th copy of Usha Uthup.

Sudesh said that he is a fan of Vicky’s mother.

Krushna said: “He already has a mother.”

To which, Sudesh had a funny reply: “He has a wife but still has Mannara and Sana besides him.”

Sudesh then took a dig at Munawar and said: “I want to talk to Munawar– I have two tickets, he has a thing for ‘two timing’.”



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