Balagam Movie Wins Two International Awards!

Balagam movie wins two international awards!

Lookslike Telugu movies are having a golden period these days.After the recent success of ‘RRR’ internationally, it is the turn of yet another Tollywood movie to get noticed on foreign shores.Balagam wins two international awards.Balagam has won the best feature film and the best cinematography award at the LACA, Los Angeles Cinematography Awards.

 Balagam Movie Wins Two International Awards!

Director Venu Yaldandi and DOP Acharya Venu are the award winners.This is a huge achievement and also a proud moment for the entire team of Balagam.

Balagam is one of the biggest small-budget hits in Tollywood.It is once again proved that content is king at the box office.

Telugu audience along with the Telugu film fraternity are all elated to see emotionally connected content from Venu Yeldandi also popularly known as Jabardasth Venu in the form of Balagam.After running successfully in theatres, Balagam is now winning hearts on Amazon Prime Video as well.Now, Balagam joins another list of achievements.

The movie starring Priyadarshi and Kavya Kalyanram was a surprise hit.Interestingly, Megastar Chiranjeevi and several other Tollywood stalwarts, who had seen the movie, predicted that ‘Balagam’ would win awards and they have been proved right.

Balagam has now become the torchbearer for small budget movies from industry, especially from the Telangana region.

Making the film in Siricilla, Telangana, reaching global platforms, and winning awards was a journey of genuineness and honesty in the writing and making of the film.Venu Yeldandni deserves all this applause and accolades.

Produced by Harshith and Hanshitha Reddy under the Dil Raju Productions banners, ‘Balagam’ was given the awards for best feature film and best cinematography (Acharya Venu).The certificates were presented to the film’s director, Venu Yeldandi.

Balagam is a story of human emotions that revolve around the death of an old man.Venu Yeldandni beautifully wrote and pictured the emotions between his characters.Dil Raju, the presenter of the film, equally deserves all the appreciation for bringing Balagam to the Telugu audience.Hope these award wins will boost Venu Yeldandi’s confidence and he will give us some of the best regional content in the future.

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