Ajit Pawar Compares His \'working Style\' With Pm Modi, Amit Shah

Ajit Pawar compares his ‘working style’ with PM Modi, Amit Shah

Mumbai, Feb 26 : Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister and Nationalist Congress Party leader Ajit Pawar has claimed that his ‘working style’ is similar to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah in different ways, and shirked off uncle Sharad Pawar’s contribution to his political progress, here on Monday.

 Ajit Pawar Compares His 'working Style' With Pm Modi, Amit Shah-TeluguStop.com

In a signed open letter to the people of Maharashtra that created a flutter in political circles, Ajit Pawar said he was very much inspired by the strong leadership and quick decision-making of both PM Modi and Home Minister Shah, both top Bharatiya Janata Party leaders.

“I get up at 5 a.m.daily to work, for years.We accord more importance to our work.

My working style matches theirs (PM Modi and HM Shah), as we love our work.With their guidance, I can effectively implement several projects in my mind.

This is the reason I decided to join them.My aim is to ensure that the state remains at the top in terms of development.

After coming to the (MahaYuti) government, I have witnessed the speed of progress,” said Ajit Pawar.

He promised to provide a blueprint for taking the state ahead in development without resorting to personal criticism of anybody, and called upon the people to support him and the elder leaders in the state to bless him in his endeavors, without taking any names.

Battling severe criticism after the Election Commission of India and Maharashtra Assembly Speaker awarded the NCP founded by his uncle Sharad Pawar, Ajit Pawar contended that he “never intended to insult senior leaders, betray anyone or hurt sentiments”, but his move to align with the MahaYuti was in the interests of the progress of the state without compromising on his ideology.

Virtually erasing Sharad Pawar’s contribution to bring him to politics, grooming him for over three decades, Ajit Pawar said that “my entry to politics was accidental since at that time (1991) there was a need for a youthful leader in the state.

So as a (Pawar) family member I got the chance.I worked day and night to ensure that I used the golden opportunity, and immersed myself in public welfare for the past three decades,” said Ajit Pawar.

He added that in his public life, he experienced bouts in the ruling side and the Opposition, noticed how development was speedy while in government, but lagged when in the opposition side, but as a peoples’ representative he could not ignore the reality that in order to progress, it was imperative to remain in power.

Ajit Pawar declared that his intention was to root for development, but without compromising on his ideology or principles, without hurting anybody, insulting or back-stabbing, and would never allow it to happen.

“I have always respected the seniors, took my colleagues along with me and also gave the youth an opportunity to ensure that progress doesn’t get stuck, that has been my clear motive,” added the Baramati MLA.

Ajit Pawar’s letter came amid speculation that he is seriously toying with the idea of fielding his wife Sunetra against his cousin sister Supriya Sule — daughter of Sharad Pawar — in the high-profile Baramati Lok Sabha constituency, a veritable ‘bhabhi versus nanand’ fight in the offing.

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