Aap-led Mcd Breaks Tradition, Invites Public Inputs For Budget Approval

AAP-led MCD breaks tradition, invites public inputs for budget approval

New Delhi, Dec 8 : The Aam Aadmi Party-led (AAP) Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) is set to table a budget that incorporates the voices and desires of the people of the national capital, Delhi Mayor Shelly Oberoi said on Friday.

 Aap-led Mcd Breaks Tradition, Invites Public Inputs For Budget Approval-TeluguStop.com

Earlier, the MCD postponed its special budget meeting scheduled for Friday to to Saturday to table the revised budget estimates for 2023-24 and the budget estimates for 2024-25, an official notice said.

Addressing a press conference here, Oberoi, accompanied by Deputy Mayor Aaley Mohammad Iqbal and Leader of the House Mukesh Goyal, said that the budget traditionally represents the vision of municipal commissioners and officials.

“However, in a departure from the norm, the AAP government aims to engage in a two-month-long dialogue with the citizens of Delhi, seeking their inputs and feedback,” she said.

Oberoi emphasised that this marks the first time in the corporation’s history where the public will actively contribute to shaping the budget.

“The budget will be passed only after discussions with the people of Delhi, associations, youth and students,” Oberoi said.

A series of meetings involving councillors and representatives from 360 urbanised villages of Delhi will further ensure transparency and inclusivity in the budgeting process.

“Every item of the budget, such as hospitals, parks, schools etc.should be approved only after the consent of the public,” the Mayor said.

Iqbal underscored the significance of the budget, stating that it represents not only the AAP government’s commitment to providing maximum facilities, but also the collective voice of Delhi’s residents.

“This budget will be Delhi’s budget in the true sense because it will include the opinions of the people,” he said.

The AAP government plans to hold 100 to 150 meetings, and engage with diverse sections of the public, including RWAs, market associations, youth, women and the elderly.

Goyal said that due to the absence of a standing committee in the corporation, the budget will be directly placed in the House.

In the upcoming two-month-long dialogues, all councillors, irrespective of party affiliations, are being encouraged to actively participate in discussions, contributing to the comprehensive and inclusive nature of the budget.



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