8 Things Men Should Never Do If She Is On Periods

A woman becomes a very different thing in her periods.All of sudden mood on, mood off, turn on, turn off, anger, anxiety, happiness and what not.She goes through some hundred different emotions and feelings throughout the periods.She could be very judgemental, actually too quick on judging things.

So, a boyfriend or a husband must to be careful in periods.Here we are mentioning 8 those risky stunts which the male should never perform in her periods.

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* Forcing her to socialise with people can really irritate her.If she needs privacy, let her be in private.Even if she wants privacy from you, stay away from her.

* If you don’t pay attention to her, that can easily give birth to an argument.Just listen what she is saying.

* Although pain killers are not always encouragable during periods, if she can’t bear the pain and desperately wants a pain killer, give to her.A lecture in this moment is worse.

* Judging her in periods is not at all a great thing for your relationship.Women in periods generally take decisions quickly.

* Telling her to do your work.

This is probably the last thing she would want to listen in periods.

* Don’t make fun of periods.Never do that.It’s like you are messing up with a snake which was in it’s place.

* Don’t debate.A debate in periods is actually a potential argument.As said earlier, mood swings play with women in periods.You don’t know where a debate could go under those circumstances.

* Don’t reply in anger.Don’t point out her mistakes even if she did them.There will be a good time to discuss about these things.Periods should go smooth and calm.